Goodbye 2017! It was a really rough year. We had a death in the family. My stepfather Ian Herron passed away from complications of his second bout with cancer in 5 years. He is greatly missed and grieved by many, especially my mom Jean Herron. Then just a couple of weeks after Ian’s passing my sister’s first baby was born, Myles Stengl, a beautiful little boy. Myles is a delight and a challenge and loved very much! Needless to say the family has been through a lot adjusting to major loss and major change happening all at once. We are still in the process…

Meanwhile, I’ve been through a year of hitting wall after wall with treatment for my chronic illness. A whole year of sitting on a plateau, trying medication after medication, dealing with reactions to those, recovering again, trying again. We’re finally on the right track now but it was a long year of illness and frustration. I didn’t produce much art and I didn’t post on my website.

So…goodbye 2017! You were not my favourite year and I’m glad to see you go!

Hello 2018! You are a fresh slate with promising potential! Spring is already here with crocuses, daffodils, cherry blossoms and milder weather, even sunny days warm enough for sitting outside!

In the studio I’m working on several printmaking projects. I just finished a significant painting that was in the BLOOM 10 show at the Coast Collective Gallery, and also featured on all the show’s advertising. I’m having fun teaching my students at the school. I’m also teaching on the TSEYCUM reserve for our satellite program, so I’m twice as busy at work as I was last year. At home we’re working on some renovations that will improve things in our humble abode. With my health improving my legs and body are taking me places on the trail that are a little further than I’ve been able to go last year. My wife is working out and eating well and getting even more fit and healthy. We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary this week. We adopted two new kittens that are pure joy to cuddle and play with. Our birds are laying eggs and our doggy is learning to tolerate the kitties. I’m heading out this week for a spring break road trip to see my family. So things are looking up.

Just wanted to make a post that says hey, I’m still here, and things are happening!

You can go see the Bloom 10 show at Coast Collective from March 14th until April 1st, 2018. Gallery hours are Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 5pm. The gallery is in the Colwood neighbourhood: 103-318 Wale Road, Victoria, BC. You can call them at 250.391.5522 or visit their website at www.coastcollective.ca

Happy spring to all!


2018 – 20×26 inches. Acrylic paint on canvas. A portrait of my cousin’s cat with some blue orchids in a vase.

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  1. Wendy Edwards says:

    hi Caroline – thinking of you and sending big ‘bugs’ – I hope your health continues to improve …..


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