Owl Creek Art Studio – June 2023 newsletter

As my year of teaching wraps up I am getting back on track with my studio business, re-energized by this amazing weather and the glorious green of all the plants growing. Since my last newsletter I have been working on a wide variety of projects. So here I will dive in and tell you about a few of them.  … Continue readingOwl Creek Art Studio – June 2023 newsletter

Fall November 2022 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the fall edition of the Owl Creek Studio newsletter! As I type the thirsty earth is soaking up some much needed rain. Mist is rising between the trees, and we are all indoors watching this from our cozy living room.  Somehow summer flew by and I didn’t write a newsletter as promised. Apologies for missing an issue. Let’s catch up! This issue is packed with images for your enjoyment and just a few necessary words. Brew yourself a cup of tea or coffee, put your feet up and feast your eyes. New Etsy shop listings! I added some new art listings to my Etsy shop! There’s a selection of original watercolour paintings, including some smaller ones for the collector on a budget. Some of the paintings you saw in my last newsletter as well, and some are completely new. These artworks were produced over the last year and show my explorations of waterfalls and other nature themes, as well as some more abstract, expressive pieces. Original paintings are the best quality art you can get and make a special gift for a loved one or for your own home. Purchasing one of my originals really helps to support my studio practice in a big way, with my deepest gratitude.  Here’s a gallery of the paintings! Click on them to visit the Etsy shop listing. Stickers! My newest art adventure is also available for you on my Etsy shop – stickers! I bought a Cricut machine and have been experimenting with producing my own original design art stickers. Sea life, fantasy creatures, silken windhounds and other dogs – these are just the beginning. Stickers make great low-cost gifts, embellishments for cards and journalling, stocking stuffers for Christmas, party favours for birthdays, prizes for teachers to give students,

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