Christmas Eve

A winter’s day on Taylor Beach, Metchosin, Victoria BC. Photo credit: Caroline Stengl, 2020.

It’s Christmas Eve in Victoria. The sun has set after a glorious bright day of blue sky and crisp, cool air. When I was on Willows Beach this morning a kayaker in his drysuit was practicing rolls in the skinniest kayak I have ever seen, laying around in the water and flipping all the way over like a lazy seal. A harbour seal was watching him from about ten feet away. Our dog Luci had a wonderful time tearing up and down the beach in her satin red jacket. Mount Baker was a clean bright white, clear and sharp as a bell in the cold air. How lucky I am to be living by the sea in such a mild and beautiful climate!

My wife has just arrived home from work. All our Christmas lights are twinkling, inside and outside the house. It’s warm in here. I’m ready for a nice dinner and a quiet evening with the love of my life.

My best wishes go to all of you! May the coming year be filled with love, happiness, creativity and success!