Fall November 2022 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the fall edition of the Owl Creek Studio newsletter! As I type the thirsty earth is soaking up some much needed rain. Mist is rising between the trees, and we are all indoors watching this from our cozy living room. 

Somehow summer flew by and I didn’t write a newsletter as promised. Apologies for missing an issue. Let’s catch up! This issue is packed with images for your enjoyment and just a few necessary words. Brew yourself a cup of tea or coffee, put your feet up and feast your eyes.

New Etsy shop listings!

I added some new art listings to my Etsy shop! There’s a selection of original watercolour paintings, including some smaller ones for the collector on a budget. Some of the paintings you saw in my last newsletter as well, and some are completely new. These artworks were produced over the last year and show my explorations of waterfalls and other nature themes, as well as some more abstract, expressive pieces. Original paintings are the best quality art you can get and make a special gift for a loved one or for your own home. Purchasing one of my originals really helps to support my studio practice in a big way, with my deepest gratitude. 

Here’s a gallery of the paintings! Click on them to visit the Etsy shop listing.

“Big Rock Candy Fountain” – ink and watercolour on paper, 8×10 inches, 2022
“Moonsnails” – watercolour, ink and pencil crayon on paper, 5×7 inches, 2022
“Cedar Pathway” – watercolour on paper, 8×10 inches, 2022
“Lavender Falls” – watercolour and pencil crayon on paper, 8×10 inches, 2022


My newest art adventure is also available for you on my Etsy shop – stickers! I bought a Cricut machine and have been experimenting with producing my own original design art stickers. Sea life, fantasy creatures, silken windhounds and other dogs – these are just the beginning. Stickers make great low-cost gifts, embellishments for cards and journalling, stocking stuffers for Christmas, party favours for birthdays, prizes for teachers to give students, and will put a grin on the face of any child or fun-loving adult! In the summer I showed my stickers to a friend and her children. I was mobbed by the kids as they cleaned out my entire inventory in less than 5 minutes! I took this as a sign to make more and put them on Etsy. Click on the picture to get to the Etsy listing for each one.

More stickers will be forthcoming very soon. I’m also working on how to produce waterproof decals for outdoor use. New listings will be advertised on my Instagram account and Facebook. If you want up-to-the-minute notification of my new limited edition sticker releases please follow my Instagram account! Click on the Instagram link below to find my account. If you browse my posts you will also see my other artistic adventures, and adorable photos of my pets.


New Paintings

I completed several new paintings this year. The first is a commission for a new client. She wanted a seascape acrylic painting of the view of Mount Baker from Cattle Point. This is a gorgeous spot in Oak Bay, Victoria, BC. The mountain is magical and appears to move around and be much closer than reality. There’s a special bench on shore with the perfect view for two to enjoy. The painting was a birthday gift for her partner. They had plans to move away to Portland. She wanted to take part of Victoria with them. Their painting now hangs in their little apartment, reminding them of home. Here’s a small gallery of photos taking you through the painting process.

“A View With You” – acrylic on cradled panel, 16×20 inches, 2022
nearing completion

I also painted two pet portraits this summer. “Tsunami’s Kitten” is a portrait of a silken windhound who fosters litters of tiny kittens. The tenderness of the kitten between Tsunami’s paws is so sweet. This painting is available for sale. Contact me via email. 

“Gordon” is a portrait of my sister’s new Boston Terrier puppy, captured in a rare moment of stillness as he lay between her bare feet. His liquid brown eyes are so adorable! My sister now has quite the collection of Boston Terrier portraits. Do you want to commission a pet portrait? I love painting them in many different styles.

“Gordon” – acrylic on canvas, 9×12 inches, 2022

My favourite painting from this year is this watercolour I made of a barred owl with her catch, a small trout she grabbed out of the creek. I didn’t know these owls ate fish! I’ve also seen them catch crayfish, snakes, and of course lots of rodents. 

I haven’t yet decided to sell the original, but I can definitely make fine art quality prints for anyone who would like one. Just email me to order a print.

“Barred Owl Fishing” – watercolours on paper, 9×12 inches, 2022

I painted one other pet portrait commission this fall, but I can’t yet publish the image. I will write a mini-newsletter article to share that with you when I can. It’s rather magical and very special.

I’m accepting art commissions! If you’d like more information about pricing, media and how the commission process works please email me. I will send you my commissions guide and we can start a conversation about your ideas!

weePrints exchange

This fall I participated in PRINT Victoria’s annual printmaking exchange. This is the third time for me. I love these exchanges. Each artist produces an edition of 12 prints to send in to the PRINT collective. In return the artists receive a package of 10 prints, each one made by a different printmaker. The collective keeps two prints, one print for their archive, and the other one to sell in a show to support their group studio. 

The print exchange is a wonderful way to collect original prints from local artists. I was so excited to open up my package this year! The theme was “weePRINTS”, tiny little prints at 1.5×2 inches! They are all so cute and inventive! Here is my contribution, a reduction linocut print of a blackberry surrounded by fall colours. The reduction printmaking process means I can’t make any more of these, so they are a special and limited edition.

Summer Sketchbook

I thought you might enjoy seeing some pages from my summer sketchbook. I have been cultivating the habit of painting outdoors with my watercolours. I love it so much. It’s not easy sometimes due to uncomfortable seating but when I can do it I’m always so pleased with the experience. The results are fun to look at and remind me of a beautiful place I spent time in. I also paint in my sketchbook in the studio sometimes, playing with ideas and techniques.

Return to Teaching

With the end of summer comes the beginning of school! I am back at my part time teaching job at the Saanich Adult Education Centre. It feels great to be on site again after such a long disruption due to the pandemic. I have a lovely group of students taking printmaking with me this fall. Later in the year I’ll be facilitating a cultural crafts workshop series with local Indigenous knowledge keepers showing us how to knit, make drums, paint drums, weave with cedar and make beaded jewellery. I love my work with the WSANEC community. Every year is so rich with learning, creativity and friendship with great people.

Seasonal Gift Giving

This newsletter wouldn’t be complete without a shameless marketing plug promoting my Etsy shop for your winter holiday shopping. Please consider supporting this local artist when you do your gift shopping this season. Your support is deeply appreciated. Here is the link to my shop:

Fall and Winter Goals

As fall marches on I am working away on my goals in the studio. I really hope to finish my silken windhound colouring book soon. It’s a very big project that has been ongoing for at least a year now. I have many printmaking projects lined up that I want to do as well, especially greeting cards. I think small packages of handmade linocut gift cards could be a successful item to list on Etsy. 

Do you have ideas for me of what else I could produce? What would you like to order from my studio that doesn’t exist yet? Want bookmarks? A miniature portrait? A special sticker? Custom stationary? No art project is too small. 

Before I wrap up, here are a few of my favourite photos from my recent trip to Creston, BC. Sunrises and sunsets were especially powerful with the haze.

Sunset, Kootenay Pass Summit, October 2022

The urge to hibernate is powerful and very conducive to holing up in the studio in the dark of night, working away while listening to introspective music. We’ll see what artwork emerges from the depths of winter creativity! Wishing you a fruitful and peaceful hibernation season.

All the best,

Caroline Stengl

First Snow on the Skimmerhorns, Creston BC, October 2022

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