New Website Launch 2016

Hello world, welcome to the new website for Caroline Stengl’s Creativity Studio! (Note: it is now 2021. This blog post is about the launch of my previous website.)

With the new year comes new and exciting growth and recovery for me. With the launch of this new and beautiful website I am revitalizing my art studio practice after a long hiatus due to illness. It feels really good to share my work with the world again, and to be able to work on the computer again, building posts, writing blogs, sharing images and learning how to use this WordPress site. Credit goes to Sarah Sorensen for building the site for me. Thanks Sarah! Thank you also to Cody Gregory of Cozy Hosting for the most amazing tech support on the planet.

At this point I’m not trying to sell my artwork. I simply want to share it, as well as share my writing, photos and music.

I included some blog posts that I wrote on my previous website because I wanted to keep a continuous record of my studio practice and have it all in one place. Almost everything from my old website has been transferred to this one in a new and refreshed format.

It has been a bit strange for me reading over my old blog posts from my old website. The person who wrote those posts had no idea what was coming. She had no idea that illness would completely wipe her out and shut down her career for a time. It feels like the things that happened in my life before I got sick happened to someone else. But here I am, out the other side and recovering, making art again. So if you are wondering why there is such a big gap between the old posts and the recent ones this should clear it up. I won’t specify what illness I’m dealing with because I’d like to keep some privacy around my health. The important thing is that I’M BACK! My thanks and love to everyone who has helped me get here. The future looks very positive!

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  1. Diane says:

    You show you have the stamina and talent to keep going. Nice website! Good luck!


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