Paint With Me! Watercolour Dreamcatcher

To celebrate the arrival of spring blossoms, migratory birds and the season of nesting, here is a step by step art tutorial! This project was made for a virtual workshop for my students at the Saanich Adult Education Centre. It’s part of a series of cultural workshops we’ve been doing as a school community.

Here’s what you will need to make the project:

A set of watercolours

A watercolour brush with a sharp tip

Two jars for water

A sheet of watercolour paper approximately 9×12 inches

Paper towel or clean rag

A roll of masking tape





Small beads

Needle and thread

A rigid board or table to tape your paper to

Here’s the video:

Watch the video, make the project, and enjoy! I’d love to see how your creation turns out so if you want to please email me a photo. 

Happy spring!