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Sunflowers with drawing

I harvested this bouquet from the garden and drew it with ink on paper.

WENANEC (Saltspring Island)

2008 – 8×10 inches. Ink on paper. A sketchbook drawing from a kayak camping trip with the Saanich Adult Education Centre on Saltspring Island. We camped at an ancient village site on WENANEC (Saltspring Island) where there are oyster beds. Some small islets are visible from shore. We saw otters and kayakers and sea birds. One camper found a pearl in her oyster.

Mermaid Cove

Summer 2004. Ink on paper. A sketch in my sketchbook of Mermaid Cove, in Cedar, BC. This is just south of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

Earth In Hand

2003 – 5×7 inches. Graphite on paper. A pencil sketch from my sketchbook. I remember a song from a children’s program when I was young called “the Big Blue Marble”. The song was about the Earth seen from space. I drew this and two other drawings on that theme.

Soprano Sax

2017 – 9×12 inches. Ink on paper. This is an illustration intended for a colouring book I want to make. It features two views of a soprano saxophone with a Columbine flower and some butterflies.

Reef Illustration

2016 – 8×10 inches. Ink on paper. This illustration was published in the Island Illustrators west coast themed colouring book. How many ocean critters can you spot?

Tenor Banjo by the Pond

2016 – 8×10 inches. Ink on paper. This illustration is intended for a colouring book I’m working on.

Government and Fisgard

2009 – 8×10 inches. Graphite on paper. I sat at the corner of Government and Fisgard to draw this scene of Victoria’s Chinatown.


2008 – 4×5 inches. Ink on paper. I’m from Alberta where crocuses are one of the first early flowers to bloom on the prairies.