Backyard wildlife

Some cute wildlife in our backyard.

We get a lot of wildlife visiting us because we live next to a creek. There are several wildlife corridors in this area that connect to large wilderness areas such as Goldstream Park and the Sooke Hills, plus lots of deer trails everywhere, and a Capital Regional District park is nearby. We even get larger things like cougars and bears passing through sometimes. The best wildlife sightings I’ve experienced are seeing a pair of river otters cruising up the creek while at the same time a family of raccoon foraged on the banks. The otters were too quick for my camera but here are a few amateur videos I took of the raccoons. I didn’t have a tripod handy so please excuse the handheld shots.

1 thought on “Backyard wildlife

  1. robin ledrew says:

    a sensual feast: you and your work make me happy. Such celebration of the visual and audial world!


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