Christmas Day

2007 – 9×12 inches. Watercolour and pencil crayon on paper. This was made to be a Christmas card.

Was the turkey stuffed or am I? Wow, what a dinner! We had a lovely time this afternoon and evening at our friend’s house. Cody and Eileen have a gorgeous Christmas tree in their living room, a fireplace with lights and candles, and their newly renovated home is just gorgeous! Our dog Luci played a lot with Stella, their Havanese puppy. We had a great visit with Cody, Eileen and Cody’s cousin Jacque. Christmas is so much better when shared with friends! Especially when we can’t be with family.

I managed to find time for art during this hectic period. In the middle of renovating and cleaning up our condo, preparing for Christmas and working a LOT, I also did some delicate illustrations in 3D for a family member’s Christmas gift. She doesn’t open it until tomorrow so I won’t say what it is just yet, but I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I think I might pursue some more illustrations in that style for the upcoming show in February, or just for enjoyment’s sake.

Merry Christmas everyone!