Congratulations Elizabeth May!

Congratulations Elizabeth!
Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, visits the Saanich Adult Education Centre for some natural cob building.

This lovely lady is Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands. This week she was re-elected in her riding and is the sole elected MP representing the Green Party of Canada. I first met her when she visited my school to help us build a cob structure. She wore her gumboots and grubby clothes so she could get right into the mud and do the “cob dance” with us. I wrote all over my VW van with mud to show my support for her campaign. I’m really happy that she kept her seat this election and will continue to do such good work in Canada’s parliament. Congratulations Elizabeth May! Hopefully next election with a new proportional representational system in place we can elect more Greens to help you in Ottawa.