Garden City Adventures 2011

Today Sarah persuaded me to get on my bicycle for the first time this spring. I was nervous about it but we got everything configured just right so I was comfortable. That bike is still new to me. I usually use my electric bike, not my pedal bike. We took Atkins road to the Galloping Goose. Wow! what a beautiful section of bike trail that is! I love the bridges and trestles!

We went to Royal Roads to see Hatley Castle and the beautiful gardens there. It was breathtaking how beautiful the Japanese gardens are this time of year with plum blossoms, red maple leaves, nodding ferns, lush little streams, water wheels, arched bridges and reflecting pools. Two tiny ducklings, about the size of my cupped hand, were foraging in the pond. The castle is beautiful too but I loved the gardens best.

There is a pair of ravens with a nest by my house. Their raucous babies are loud, obnoxious teenagers now. They croak and heckle whenever their parents come to the nest with food. I’ve been watching since the parents started building the nest. There is a flicker building a nest in the dead tree trunk behind my yard. All day long she’s inside the tree, tap tap tap, then popping out her head to throw sawdust to the wind. The hummingbird is back again this year. Yesterday we saw her gathering spider webs to build her nest. Here is a video of another hummingbird nest we had in our garden in a previous year.

Yesterday we planted some new stuff in the garden, little plants from the garden centre. Brocolli, artichokes, red peppers, pumpkins, yellow and green zuchini, butternut squash, marigolds, and a shooting star for my native plant bed. Sarah did a ton of weeding along our garden path. All the seeds we planted two weeks ago are sprouting now in cute little rows. Spring may be late and colder than usual but it is here!

2014 – 5×7 inches. Acrylic on cradleboard panel. Camas is a native flower that is found in the endangered Garry Oak ecosystem.

I am going to play mandolin for the rest of the evening, until I get my fill of music. I was planning to go to the Victoria Folk Music Society tonight but I’m too tired from our bike ride to go anywhere. Next weekend is the Highlands folk music night, my favourite music event!

Overall it’s been a wonderful weekend. Lots of time outdoors in fresh air, gardening, enjoying other people’s gardens, getting some exercise and spending quality time with Sarah. Tomorrow is an art studio day. Great way to start the week!