Goodbye 2009!

This is my previous studio in my old residence. Luci is supervising while I paint a dog park scene.

At our house we are looking forward to the year ahead.

A new home.

A fresh start. Time for growth and opportunity.

Revitalizing our health and spirit.

Reconnecting with friends.

Meeting new neighbours.

Dog walks on Mill Hill.

Summer swims and camping.

In many ways 2009 has not been kind. She was a battle axe of a year, a long slog through a muddy marsh of work, a bottle neck of forced decisions and digging deep into our resourcefulness. As a couple Sarah and I have found strength and devotion we didn’t know we had in us. For myself I have found resilience and a stubborn grown up woman who can make the toughest of decisions and see them through. Though the journey has been exhausting the rewards are rich. I’m grateful for the blessings of 2009, no matter how much they tested us. Let’s send her off and welcome the new year with open hearts and strong hands, ready to do the work that needs doing. Through everything love is steadfast and gets richer and deeper with every passing day.

Happy New Year everyone!