Caroline’s First Blog (from my old website)

Photo credit: Caroline Stengl. Goldstream park in the winter.

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new and vastly improved website! (Note – this post is talking about my previous website.)

My lovely and talented wife Sarah has set up a content management website for me using a CMS system called Drupal. Thanks also to Cody for her technical support. She wasn’t kidding when she said my webspace came with the best technical support on the planet! Sarah and Cody are quite the team. Keep your eyes open for future collaborations because I think they will go far.

The best thing about this website is that I will be able to update it and add content all by myself, without having to know web development skills. That is so amazing! I’m looking forward to posting artwork as it comes out of the studio, photographs of events and some of my adventures, sketchbook peeks, blog postings and some displays of my students’ work as well. This is going to be fantastic!

Today is a quiet day at home for me. I’m grateful for that because I really need the rest, and the sunny weather is superb! Soon I’ll go out on our patio to tidy up some plants for the fall.

This Saturday I’ll be participating in a downtown Victoria art event called Local Colour. I’m not sure what my location will be yet or what the details are, but I’ll be downtown drawing and painting for part of the day on Saturday. If I have my choice about timing I’ll be there from 1 pm until 3 or so. The headquarters for the event is the Legacy gallery, 630 Yates Street (at Broad Street). I’ll post further details once I have them. Feel free to visit me that day and drop by the other artist locations as well.

Another upcoming event is the Island Illustrators Society’s winter show, called “Illustrated Island Winter”. The exhibit will be at the MacPherson theatre in downtown Victoria during the winter holiday season. Nov. 23/09 to Jan.11/10 are the show dates, with reception happening on Nov. 23 in the evening. More details on this will follow in another blog posting.

My current studio projects are…well, my studio! I’ve been giving my workspace a really thorough clean out, reorganizing everything and weeding out my supplies. It’s almost finished. Next on the agenda is a painting for a collaborative mural.

After I finish that mural tile I will tackle some pet portraits and some paintings for the Illustrated Island Winter show.

Thank you for reading and for supporting the arts! I appreciate your interest in my artwork.