Summer is HERE!

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was the Moss Street Paint-In. It was a lot of fun! I streamlined my display set up for this year’s event so instead of being stressed out I relaxed. I enjoyed talking to all the visitors who came by. I even sold a painting! It was one of my underwater watercolours.

2005 – 9×12 inches. Watercolour on paper.

Tuesday morning I depart from the Island for my annual road trip to the Kootenays. I’m very excited! I won’t be home for a few weeks. I intend to explore, relax, swim in lots of rivers and lakes, hike, take pictures, read and practice mandolin. I’ll be visiting family and friends along the way. I’ll be back in August.

Summer is definitely here now with all this nice warm weather, water restrictions, fire hazard levels at extreme and the garden in full growth. Our roof is finished so we’re done with renovations for the year, other than some interior work we intend to do ourselves. Life is good and unfolding in positive ways for us.

I wish everyone the best for a safe and happy summer!