There’s No Place Like Home…

Caroline tours Full Circle Farm in Canyon, BC.

Hello everyone,

it’s a very warm day today, but not too warm. The heat wave is giving us a breather for a short spell.

I’m glad to be home after almost three weeks away on a road trip through the Kootenays and Alberta. Visits to family and long-time friends were really wonderful. It was very good to reconnect with my roots in Calgary. But at the end of every trip I have to click my ruby slippers together: there’s no place like home…there’s no place like home…

Now that I am home again there is much to do and some news to share.


At the Moss Street Paint-In event I launched my newest art studio venture: pet portraits. Painting our family and friends’ beloved animal companions has become a big focus for me in the last year or two. Pets can be very special to people because they give unconditional affection and companionship, providing comfort even when we are at our worst. I want to offer to everyone a way to celebrate and remember your animal friends through my unique painting and drawing style. If you are interested in having a portrait of your pet made, please send me an email to for more details. Commissions are customized according to your budget, style and media preferences. To see sample portraits please visit my art gallery on this website.

Here is a testimonial from our dog trainer about the portrait I made of her dog:

Caroline is a very kind, patient and talented artist. She did a portrait of my beloved Rhodesian ridgeback, Teiga, about six months before she died.  She not only drew an amazing likeness but captured her essence. It is one of my most treasured possessions.

– Jane Beauchamp

2010 – 9×12 inches. Acrylic on canvas. A pet portrait commission of a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog.


Now that we are settled in Langford I am ready to expand my horizons and look for more teaching and art contract opportunities. I’m hoping to teach classes to local people of all ages so I can share my enthusiasm for hands-on art-making. I’m hoping to create art and illustrations for clients and projects of all sorts, including children’s books, nature and conservation education materials, websites, business promotion, portraits, posters, cartoons, greeting cards, theatre performances, museum exhibits or whatever work comes my way. One of the challenges and rewards of working as an entrepreneurial artist is I get to build a rich network of colleagues, artists and organizations. Making a living as an artist may be difficult but we sure get to know a lot of interesting people! If we help each other we can make our lives successful.


Yesterday morning I had my breakfast on our backyard patio. I had my grandfather’s binoculars with me so I could watch all the birds. Nuthatches, chickadees, fat squirrels and territorial hummingbirds were already busy by the time the sun warmed the garden. One magnificent male hummingbird hovered inches from my nose for a few seconds before scolding me and zipping off. Cheeky little thing! A mother deer with her spotted faun quietly picked their way along the creek, watching me carefully. My dog Luci made me giggle when she made a beeline for the squirrel, yapping all the way across the yard while the thieving rodent launched herself into the trees from our fence. Despite Luci’s attempts to intimidate her, this squirrel is a regular visitor at our bird feeder.

Our home continues to be a very peaceful, soothing place. All the essential exterior renovations are finished now so we are just settling in to enjoy the quiet and welcome the fall. May your last few weeks of summer be the rest or excitement you need. I intend to spend the rest of summer at home, gardening, enjoying the company of my little family, and working on building opportunities for the fall and winter.

Best wishes!

Kayaking on Cameron Lake, Waterton National Park, Alberta.
A Little Rock climbing in Waterton National Park, Alberta.
Great place for a VW mechanical failure! Note that my white van’s hood is popped. Near Kaslo, BC. Caroline’s dad, Bernd is on the right with dogs Samwise and Sienna.